Thursday, March 8, 2012


      Pitching is another one of the main parts of baseball. Without a pitcher, no one could hit the ball. The pitcher can be either right or left handed.The pitcher tries to strike people out, but they can also walk, hit, or hit the batter with the ball. Theres not a lot to really explain about pitching, but watch the video below to see how to pitch. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Running to the Bases

After you hit the ball, you want to drop your bat and run to first base. First base is the base in the infield that is on the left side of the field.If the ball gets to the first baseman before you do, then your out. If your coach tells you to run to second base, and your not out, run to the base in the infield that is directly a few yards behind the pitchers mound(the mound the pitcher pitches from). If your still not out and your coach tells you to run to third, run to the base that is on the right side of the infield. The last base you can run to is the base that you hit at. It is called the homeplate. If you make it to homeplate and you don't get out, you scored one run for your team.


             Batting is one of the main parts of baseball. Batting allows you to score runs which gets you closer to winning the game. The game of baseball would be boring if no one hits the ball. In order to bat, a pitcher has to throw, or pitch, a ball to you. With your wooden or metal bat, you swing at the ball and try to hit it forward. If you hit the ball behind you, it is called a foul ball. If you hit the ball over the fence, it is an automatic homerun.If the ball hits you, its called a dead ball and you automatically go to first base.  Read my next post to learn about running after you hit the ball.